After a while it felt safe enough for me to go downstairs. The walk to the kitchen was filled with starts and stops, that any second some hidden assailant my appear and ambush me. I found the cupboard, I opened it. Good no bomb. I took out a packet of chips and opened the seal.

"Hey big brother-"

The packet exploded, potato chips falling in a shower of fire.


"Whoah, what was that?" he said, astounded.

"I... don't know," I looked at my hands, had someone planted a lighter in my fingers or something?

"Oh, maybe you have a special ability, I read loads of comics, I could help... let's see," I chuckled to myself, he was only 12, bless him and his innocent ways, abilities didn't exist, I knew better than to think that, "say 'flame on'" he ordered, I did it, just to humour him and nothing happened, "ok, stretch out your hand and try and make a flamethrower," he suggested, I did and nothing happened, he looked thoughtful and a little dejected.

"Look," I said whilst scooping up the ash, "how about a game of poker," he smiled at that.

"Fine, but you know I always beat you."

We sat at the dining room table. I took out a pack of cards and dealt straight away.

"Kay, I got a pair of jacks, you?"

I gasped, "royal flush," I swallowed.

"No way!" he exlaimed and checked my cards, "you cheated!"

I scooped them up and shuffled them excessively, drawing a another five cards, "christ," I muttered, "Full house, kings and queens," he looked up from his cards and at me, shocked.

"Somethings not right," he said, he looked at my eyes and I just looked down at my card, feeling ashamed for no reason. My face burned with embarrassment. then the card set on fire, the whole hand, the chair I was on, the flowers withered and dried on the table.

"What's going on?" I wondered out loud. I ran from the house, my brother following me.

"WAIT!" he cried, I stopped for some reason and turned to him, "wait, he said, catching up, if you're running away, I want to come with you, I can't stay with dad, I'm sick of him."

"I don't... I'm not.... I just need to sort out my head," I tried to say, but slumped to the ground.

"Don't worry big brother, we'll figure out what's going on," he tried to comfort me.

I got up, I had to figure out what was happening, I had to control the situation. I raise my hands to my face, then pointed at a nearby wrapper fluttering by. I shrivelled and set on fire as it was moving towards a garden. But before the fire could cause any damage, a brisk wind snuffed it out.

"Heat," I said, remembering the fire and the dried up flowers, "I think it's heat, heat and luck or probability," my brother just stared dumb-founded at the wrapper.

So that's how I came to realise I had powers, the hot headied ladies man who loved to gamble, it seemed to fit me perfectly.

The End

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