Abilities Develop

My skin felt strange, a tingling sensation running through me.

As the thugs approached I stared at the card I still held up. Something orange shot through the card, it vibrated a little and then set on fire.

"WHOAH!" I nearly dropped it, the flames licking my fingertips, yet it did not feel that hot. Instead, almost instinctively, I flung the card at the nearest guy. It span, spiralling in the air, and slammed him square in the chest, exploding and setting him on fire.

The other two goons stared at him in horror and confusion, he was screaming his head off.

One guy charged at me. Again almost instinct, I dodged it easily and brought my arm around the back of his leg. He crumpled to his knees as I kicked him in the head. At that moment the last one had come chasing me but luckily I was crouching from my kick causing him to tumble over my head and smash his jaw on the wall.

"Flukey," I smiled. The situation dawned on me and I ran off for fear of any more thugs coming after me.

So when I got home, my dad asleep on the couch, I lay on my bed with just one question. What the hell just happened?

The End

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