Luke le Chance

"Hey mio caro, come here!" the female, long red hair wearing a t-shirt and a denim mini-skirt came towards me.

"What do you want," she sneered.

"I just want your beautiful company is all, here, have a card" I laughed and passed her my number. She walked away, snickering, "ah who needs her anyway," I said to the table, stifling sniggers, "Ok I'll raise 1k."

Most of the table folded except one who glared at me from behind his glasses.

"Bluff," he mouthed and gently placed his cards on the table. I gulped. I put my cards on the table.

"Jacks over fives," he roared with laughter and  raked in the chips.

I was about to argue when I felt a vice grip on my shoulder.

I turned around and had to strain my neck to see a mountain of a man.

"You, come with me!" he said.

Regretfully I followed the big man through the slots and into a small office. A man sat behind the desk, "you owe me quite a bit of money friend," he growled.

"Please, I need just a little bit more time, a little bit more money and I'll make it all back!" I pleaded.

"Mr le Chance, I'm all for lending out money, as much as I can, but even I have a cut of point at 500k when it is quite obvious there is no chance in paying me back," he cut a cigar and placed it in his mouth, lighting it up, "I will give you no more money and I expect it very soon."

"Please just a little more-"

"Boys!" he shouted and the big man with a smaller guy grabbed my arms. Humiliatingly they dragged me through the casino and threw me into the streets. I got up.

"SCREW YOU!" I shouted at no one in particular and dusted myself off.

I sighed and turned to walk down an alley.

I had the distinct feeling I was being followed.

Turning around I saw shadows coming round the corner. I ran.

A flash of light lit up an alleyway that came into this one and I stopped, worried.

The thugs came closer, I didn't recognise them but that didn't bother me. It was the fact that there were three and each one was like ripped to the max, "look guys we can work this out, here," I held out a card, "I'll give you my number and we can arrange another time for you to beat the crap outta me," I kept it held out, "no?" I tried, "ok." I braced myself for a mega but whoopin'.

The End

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