Don: First DayMature

I heard the bell ring and knew that I was going to be late. I was completely lost. Stupid new school.

I saw this pretty girl walking towards me, clearly in her own little world. I smiled, unsure if she had seen me or not. She passed me and I hadn't even popped up on her radar. Never mind.

I noticed that she had dropped a book and I was about to call down the corridor to her when I picked it up and saw the title: "Abnormal Abilities of Humans".

I looked at it, deep in thought. "I wonder," I mumbled under my breath.

I could hear someone running down the corridor in my direction, but I thought nothing of it. I was captured by the spell of the book. I wanted to open it, to read it's secrets and see what it could tell me but then the pitter-patter of the runner stopped just beside me. My head snapped up, feeling her eyes staring at me. It was the pretty girl.

"Oh, sorry, is this yours?" I tried to smile at her as I handed over the book, still intrigued by it.

"Yeah. Thanks." She seemed a little on edge. I flashed her a confident smile but I think it put her off having a conversation. "I'm late so." She mumbled to the floor, hiding the book in her bag.

"I don't suppose you could help me. I'm new you see. I need to get to Math. Which way?" I looked at her hopefully, reaching out my hand. "I'm Don, by the way."

"Evelyn. This way." She looked at my hand, reluctant to shake it. She started walking and so, like an obedient dog, I followed her.

"That's an interesting book, Evelyn." I thought that I'd be friendly and strike up a conversation. Bad idea. She stopped suddenly, making me bump into her. As she turned to face me, I could see fear in her eyes and that scared me. She looked over my shoulder, scanning the corridor behind me.

"Don't talk about the book." She was sharp with me - it was the fear talking.

"Ok." I nodded but I don't think she saw me.

"In here." She took one last look at me before opening the door to the classroom and walking in. I was worried about what I was going to find on the other side of the door so I hung back for a second. I heard a lot of noise - it sounded a bit like laughing and shouting but I took no notice of it. I could see the teacher sat at their desk, trying to calm the class but failing miserably. This was going to be an interesting lesson.

I looked to my fingers and noticed that they were going slightly brown. Not again.

There was a photo on the wall and I leaned in towards it, not taking in the details but using the glass frame to see my own reflection. There was a little bit of her fear in my eyes. I clamped my eyes shut and took a deep breath, noticing that when I opened them, the fear was gone. My fingers went back to being their normal colour. With one more deep breath, I stepped into the classroom, ready and willing.

The End

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