When two students get bullied becasue of their 'disability', it becomes too much for them. They run away to find a 'freak show' full of people like them. But when scientists start chasing them to do experiments, what will happen?


"Come on then, Evie! Do your little floaty dance then!" Jake, one of the school bullies, jeered, blocking my path.

"Go away Jake. If you want a dance, go join a ballet class, you'd fit in well." I replied and shoved through the huddle of boys. It was practically a daily routine now, being bullied about my ability. Well, I see it as an ability. Mum and her bloody social workers see it as a disability. It doesn't necessarily bother me, but with exams and 6th Form decisions, the stress can build up. It's just the fact that none of them have anything special about them, so they choose to bully the girl who does.

I walked away with my head held high, it was the only way to get as much respect as possible. Which, as it comes, isn't much. I got to the library and walked in, going immediatly to the computers. I logged on, and tapped my fingers against the wood, gazing around. My head doubled back as I spotted something interesting. I got up and picked the book off the shelf -- "Abnormal Abilities of Humans'" the title read. Something about it made my heart flutter as I opened the first page. I scanned the contents for anything about the power to defy gravity and was about to shut it, when a spiky handwritten note was scrawled at the bottom.

Defying Gravity........ Page 50.

My hands shook as I flipped to the back of the book. A scrap of paper had been stuck into the back cover, with the same tilting handwriting on it. I eagerly started reading it, but the bell rang. I shoved it in my bag and logged off the computer, then ran out, not wanting to be the laughing stock for being late. My mind was pondering over the book so much that I didn't realise it had fallen out of my bag.

It was only when my bag fell off my shoulder (old habits die hard) that I noticed it was lighter. Shit! I thought as I ran back down the corridor. If someone found it and showed it to the bullies, I'd be dead! I froze as I saw a boy holding my book. He was looking at it intently, as though he knew why someone would have it. His head snapped up as he felt my presence.

"Oh, sorry, is this yours?"

The End

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