A new friend.

"Hey! Anisha?" I twirled on the spot at the sound of my best friend, Karoline. "Is That really you? Wow you look so different!"

Standing right infront of me was my small black haired, green eyed friend of around sixteen years old.

"You haven't changed a bit!" I laughed.

"Look at you! Did you dye your hair?" Karoline asked me.

"Nope. My power done it. Isn't it so cool!" I asked Karoline who was staring at the glowing blonde halo above my head.

"That. Is. So. Awsome!" Karoline gasped.

"Not as awsome as you! You can read minds! How cool is that?" I told Karoline.

"No-where near as cool as yours." She replied.

"Forget it. How was your holodays?" I asked, succesfuly changing the subject.

"They were great! I have a new sister! She is called Angelica and I got to name her!" Karoline said in a rush. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh have you seen the new girl?" Karoline added suddenly.

"No. Whats her name? Whats her power? I asked her automatically.

"Don't know her power but her name is Eve and she is coming this way." Karoline told me, exitment filling her whole being.

"Nice." I said turning around to see a girl with a strangly familiar face coming towards us. She had short straight black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hi." She said shyly to us as she reached us.

"Hi Eve." I siad politly.

"Hi Eve. Whats your power?" Karoline asked as a boy looking just the same as Eve except with light brown eyes came up to us. "Are you twins?" She then asked. The boy answered.

"I'm Eves twin my name is Adam. Our power is to talk to and control animals." Adam told us.

"Cool!" Karoline said.

"Have we met before?" I asked Adam as his face was trying to spark a long lost memory.

"Nope" Eve answered for him.

"What class are youse in?" Karoline asked.

"Umm..." Adam turned to his bag to find out just as Karolines brother came over.

"Hay Anisha. Wow I love what you have done to your hair." He said, ignoring his younger sister. "Did you hear I have a sister?" He then asked me.

"We have a sister" Karoline cut in.

"Did Karoline tell you her power?" Dereck said.

"No. She forgot." I told Deareck.

"She can control metal."Karoline told me.

"Kind of like what I can do." Dereck added.

"What can you three do?" Eve asked curiosly.

"I can readminds," Karoline told Eve.

"I can control plastic," Dereck said.

"I can control the elements, heal, manipulate objects and teleport." I told her. I watched as her eyes widened first in wonder then fear and then, surprising me, anger. She hid the anger quickly.

"Thats impossible." Adam told me.

"Prove it." Eve added.

I sighed then clicked my fingers. The mud around us suddenly spurted lovely, clean, green grass. I waved my other hand and a wave of water from the river rose up and then formed the shape of sea horses who started dancing around. I calpped my hands twice and the air around us suddenly lit up in bright orange flames.

I then took a deep breath and got the air around us to lift me in the air.

I closed my eyes and willed a large table of cereals to appear. I opened my eyes and there was a table with bowls of coco-pops,cornflakes, alpen. weetabix, special K and cheerios. Everyone crowded around yo take a bowl.

"Heal and teloport." Adam promted me, his mouth full of cornflakes.

"Look up there." I pointedup to the balcony three floors above. Everyone aroung#d us did as well.

I blinked and found myself looking down on fifty odd faces looking up at me.

I took a deep breath befor jumping up onto the railing. I stepped of and free fell to the ground.

A scream of agony escaped as my arm twisted back unnatuarly. Moving my over arm, I twisted it to face the right way. The bone sunk back into place and the skinstarted to reform.

"Believe me now?" I gasped as Adam and Eve ran up to me with Karoline, Dereck and a bunch of other new people trailing behind.

"Yes." Eve breathed.

"How?" Adam asked at the same time. Before I had the chance to answe, The bell went.

The End

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