Power School

Anisha is still haunted by her fathers death ten years ago. She is also the most powerful being on the planet. She wants to seek revenge on the man who she thought dead. Will this destroy her friendship with her best friend Karoline?

22nd March 2050

"The world is having a meltdown. The goverments 'safe' weapon has failed and the whole world is being affected. The dead are coming back able to manipulate the earth around them. Children are being born with strange powers. The world is in a crises."

22nd March 2100

"At long last the world has calmed down. People are being placed into catagories;

  • The Powerful
  • The inknown
  • The learners
  • The weak

Which catogory are you in? There are special, free, schools for all your children. Send them in to-"

Anisha turned of the t.v with a blink of her purple eyes.

"Father?" She asked the tall man sitting next to her.

"Yes Anisha?" He asked her, putting his newspaper down.

"Which category am I in? Do i have to go to school?" She asked him her small six year old face full of trust.

"I'm afraid you do darling. You are in the categarie 'The powerful' because you are very special." He told her.

Anisha crawled over to him and sat on his lap. She loved how big and strong he felt and the continuouse drumming of his heart. How she could never be harmed as long as he is with her.

"Is mother proud of me?" She mumbled into her fathers chest.

"Yes. She can not be any more proud." He told her comfortingly.

The door banged open just then, allowing a small mousy man to storm through.

"Mr Arthur Storm?" He squeaked. Father lifted Anisha off his lap and stood up.

"Yes. What do you want?" Mr Storm asked angrily.

"We need to take Miss Anisha Gillian Storm." The mouse man said.

"No." Anishas father said strongly. At teh same time he sent our a burst of power from his mind. The mouse man fell down unconciouse.

"Daddy? IOs he dead?" Anisha asked, slowly walking over to the mouse man.

"No. He is merely sleeping." Arthur told his daughter, "Now come on. We have to go."

Anishas eyes brightened at the thought of seeing the bright outside world again. She ran to the door and then turned back just in time to see the mouse man stand up, take a gun out his pocket and shhoot her father square in the head.

"Father!" She screamed as he fell to the floor. She ran to the mouse man and let her powers guide her.

She brought up her left arm and curled the hand into a fist.

Mouse man suddenly shot back as if he had been punched. Anisha opened up her fist and motiond in a 'come here' gesture. The wind brought mouse man towards her.

"You are going to pay for this you little brat" Mouse man snarled but Anisha paid no attention. She slowly clenched both fists and brought them together.

Mouse man screamed in pain as his right leg was crushe by an unseen force.

"You will make a nice pankeke" Anisha said matter-of-factly before slowly squishing each part of the murderer.

The End

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