Time Together

Dylan fumed in anger over the little girls' evil deed. From what Ella said Meriel was totally that evil to do that because once she had locked her in a closet for 2 days while their parents were away.

"So what should we do while we're locked in here?" Dylan asked, bored out of his mind. "I guess we should find something to talk about." Ella said just randomley looking out the window. "How do you like my hair?" she asked out of the blue. At seeing Dylan's perplexed expression she laughed and said "Just lightening the mood."

"Well I guess it did lighten the mood and it looks really great." he said akwardly. "Well thanks yours looks like totally amazing!" she said laughing out loud. They both laughed alot and then the silence returned.

"Well, what should we talk about now?" Dylan asked trying to think of something smart to say. "Is your little sister as evil as mine?" Ella asked innocently. "After seeing this," Dylan repied "I think that Meriel has corrupted her with her very evil ways."

"At least Hilda and Gilbert aren't corrupted like Norma now is thanks to Meriel." Ella said trying to find something to say. (Not unlike the current authors are! -Authors' Note)

"You should send a telepathic message to them!" Dylan said with sudden inspiration. "They might let us out even of the 'Evil Ones' don't." "Moi excellente idea moi amigo!"  said Ella with very bad spanish.

She sent them the message but their young thoughts did not comprehend. So Ella sent a very threatining and extremley detailed version of what she would do to Meriel when she got out.

"Mwahahahaha you'll never get me!" Meriel said in challenge. Ella angrily hit the wall with frustration and related the very short conversation to Dylan. He also was very upset and hollered threw the door "I will soooooo burn this down if you don't let us out right now!!!!"

"Not if you don't want to have the whole house burn down!" Norma shouted in defiance. (Meriel- "STALKER with a ____ ___.")  "I can control my fire better than that!" Dylan yelled at her. "But how will you explain the missing door to Mom and Dad? They will totally go ape on you."

"You have the power of fire control?" Ella asked curiously. "Yeah, and I can also make fire with one little breath." he said as the flames began to dance in his palm. Ella snuggled close to him and whispered, "It's beautiful." He gently put one arm around her shoulders, watching the flames grow in his other hand

They forgot the girls crouched behind the door and the truly akward position. They simply held on and let Dylan's fire warm them. So perfect was the moment that Ella wanted it to last forever.

The End

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