Day One

Meriel and Norma, naturally, woke up first.  They went to talk in the living room  and, somehow, the subject turned to their older siblings.

"I think they like each other." Norma said doing a little head cock.

"No DEEEEEEEER!" Meriel said making a funny face. They laughed and and returned to the topic seriously.

"You know if they get married we're......" They looked at each other excitedly. "SISTERS!!!"

"We HAVE to get them together!!!!" said Meriel.

"Here, let's make a plan." exclaimed Norma. She whipped a pen and pad off a table nearby. After a few minutes of whispering, giggling, and scribbling they had a fully functional plan which they dubbed "Operation: Sisters". Step One: Stick 'em together!!!!

Later Ella came in to tell Norma and Meriel to come help make breakfast. They went willingly, giving each other a wink knowing fully how they would proceed with the 'plan'.

After an akwardly silent breakfast, Norma gave the slightest nod to Meriel which indicated that it was time to initiate part one of the plan. 

 "You guys HAVE to show us how to make our beds!" said Meriel. "Why?" asked Dylan. "We want to be super neat so we don't have to spend a whole lot of time cleaning." explained Norma. "Well......alright." It took all of their self restraint not to give each other a little wink.

The 6 of them, Dylan, Ella, Norma, Meriel, Gilbert, and Hilda, all went down to Norma's temporary room. Dylan quickly made her bed and Meriel said "Ahhhhh.... I see!"

Then Norma suddenly looked crestfallen. "Where's Mr. Poom Poom?" (Mr. Poom Poom was her stuffed unicorn.) "Why don't we look around for him." said Dylan. "Ok, you guys look in here, we'll look in the living room." said Norma and the two girls pulled out Hilda and Gilbert. They closed the door 'innocently' behind them.

Click. The door locked. Ella and Dylan both whipped around. "They are sooooo dead." muttered Dylan turning red. "I'll tell them." Ella said. She quikly sent a telepathic 'email' to the troublesome girls. "How?" asked Dylan, examining the door for a good way to get it open. "I'm telepathic and empathic." she said helping him.

"Oh." he said. A long akward silence followed. *They are soooooooo dead.* Dylan thought, knowing there was no way to get out.

The End

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