Moving in

DING DONG! went the door bell. "They're here!" yelled Norma down the hall to her parents. She raced to the door, her parents hot on her heels. She flung the door open and there were the Andersons.

"Hi Norma!" Meriel siad giving her a huge grin. "This will be soooo much fun!" Norma said to her and off they ran with Meriel's luggage to Norma's room.

"Well, there go those two." said Mr. Murphey to Mr. Anderson. "And here we go." said Mrs. Anderson.

"Kids! Come out here!" yelled Mrs. Murphey. The two girls ran out and Dylan came out too, but didn't look up since he was occupied with two little ecstatics named Hilda and Gilbert.  

Ella wasn't paying attention either. She was busy looking in the trunk of the car for something. "Ella! Come up here!" yelled Mr. Anderson over to Ella. She straightened up with whatever she was looking for, clasped in her hand. She stuffed it in her bag and dragged it up to the door.

Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Murphey introduced their children and Ella and Dylan looked at each other at the same moment.

Ella lost track of all notion of time. All she could see was Dylan. His chocolate brown eyes enchanted her and suddenly it was just them and nothing else. Then the trance broke as she was hugged by both of her parents. 

Dylan was amazed by her....her.....her everything. She was so beautiful. He longed to hear her voice. To hold her hand. Then his dad hugged him and he snapped out of it.

The adults parted company with them and Dylan showed Ella and Meriel where they would be sleeping (Norma's room). Hilda, Gilbert, and Norma would sleep in the twin's room. Dylan kept his own room because, being in charge, he could.

Since it was dinner time, Dyaln ordered a pizza and they ate it quickly. Then they went to bed early for no reason at all. Well, Dylan went to bed because he couldn't stand it if he embarrased himself  in front of her. Ella went to bed to mull over Dylan's thoughts (being a telepath and an empath) and reflect on her own.

"And I thought he would be nerdy." She scoffed herself. "He's perfect."

The End

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