"Sir, we've managed to track down 2 families with powers." said an anonomus person to a shady person sitting in one of those fun swivel chairs.

"Excelent. Any abnormal ones?"

"No, sir. But there was one........."

"I asked about unusual powers Mr. Minner! Not a whole background story!"

"Yes, sir, but........" Mr. Minner stumbled over the words. " It appears that an adopted child of one of the families is," he whispered the next few words into his ears and he jumped up spraying the coffee he was drinking all over poor Mr. Minner.

"WHAT?!!!!???" he roared, cornering the poor employee.

"That's what has been reported, sir." Minner shook with fright, but his boss calmed down visibly.

"Well, this is actually good news." he paced the room deep in thought. "What is the child's name?"

"Dylan, sir." Minner replied, thourghly confused. "Dylan Murphey."

"We must investigate further before we move in....."  he replied thoughtfully.

"Yes, sir." Minner began to leave, when he heard his boss call out "Tell the people down in investigation to give themselves an extra pat on the back + an extra $50 and tell tracking to get on the case. We have some power chasing to do......"

The End

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