The Announcement

"Ahem!" said Mr. Anderson standing up. "Children, me and you're mother are going to France to stop a mad villain called The Human Unicorn. You're on your own." he announced. Ella and Meriel just looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"Just kidding." he chuckled. "We're taking Mr. and Mrs. Murphey  with us. You two will spend the month or so at their house with Dylan, Norma, Hilda, and Gilbert."

They just stared at him. "Now finish your breakfast and go pack." he said, a little akwardly.

Ella and Meriel shrugged and finished their breakfast. Meriel finished first so she put her dishes in the sink and left the dining room. Mrs. Anderson finished next and left the room. Ella finished next and crossed the room into the hall.

She passed Meriel's room and was about to pass her parent's, when she heard "Ella, could I talk to you a moment." from the room.

She walked in and her mom asked "Please shut the door behind you, sweetheart." she did so and sat on the bed next to her.

"I want to talk to you about Dylan." she said. 'Oh no!' thought Ella 'The boy card. I hope I survive better then last time.' she recalled, thinking of when she was 13 and had a crush on the 'Bad Boy' of the school.

"Mom, I've never met him. I couldn't possibly in love with him!" she exclaimed pretending to be shocked. She had seen this coming since dinner yesterday.

"I know." her mother replied cooly. "But he's the first boy your age, with powers, that you've met. So I'm-"

"Demanding me to stay away from him? Try to ignore him the whole time? Mom, since we're under the same roof, that's not going to possible."

"I'm giving you permission to have a 'crush' on him."

Ella's jaw dropped. Permission to like a guy?!? The bluntness and ease it was said with, just came as an unsuspected blow.

Finally she swalloed her shock. "Mom, don't worry. I'm sure he's one of those nerdy geeks that thinks, since he has powers he has to know everything about the history of heros." she said smiling weakly.

"I'm proud of you Ella." said her mother hugging her. Ella smiled and left the room, still in shock. 'Now I know he's nerdy.' she said smiling to herself. 'Otherwise Mom wouldn't give me permssion.'


"I have an anouncement." said Mr. Murphey (ironically). "Your mother and I will be going to France with the Andersons. Ella and Meriel will be staying here and Dylan will be in charge."

Dylan looked up surprised.  He was hardly left with things this important. "So go clean your rooms now, Norma and Dylan, also do your best cleaning Hilda and Gilbert's room."

'Wow,' Dylan thought. 'In charge of 5 people. Good bye to you, the rest of the month!' 

The End

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