To the Other house we go!

On Friday, when Meriel's dad came to pick her up, Norma went with them. She was to go over and play for the remainder of the day.

They walked up to the door and walked into Meriel's house. It was much the same as Norma's except that it was smaller.

Meriel showed Norma her room and Meriel transformed them so they could play around like real animals.

"Dinner!!!" yelled Meriel's mom down the hall to the girls. (They were wolves chasing each other around at this point.) Meriel turned them back and they raced into the dining room at break-neck speed.

"My, my, you two are hungry." said Mrs. Anderson calmly placing a dish of peas on the table.

The whole family (plus Norma) sat down for the meal. About half way through the meal Mr. Anderson said "Tell us about you family, Norma."

Norma finished chewing and said "Well, I have two younger siblings named Hilda and Gilbert and an older brother named Dylan, he's around 15." she said.

"That's your age Ella." said Mrs. Anderson to Meriel's older sister and only sibling, Ella. She was tall, slim, had light brown eyes, and waist length, curly, dark brown hair.

"Yeah. But don't try and force us to do some weird Teenagers with Powers thing together." she said looking at her mother suspiciously. 

"Of course not." her mother laughed. They talked alot more about Norma's family, but mostly about her parents and their hero work.

"I think we should invite them on our newest assignment to France." proposed Mr. Anderson, to his wife.

"I agree." she said, nodding her head.

They took Norma home later and she went to bed while her parents talked to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

She tried to listen in through her door, but she only caught a few words or a phrase.

"France."  "Sure." "Babysitter." "Dylan." "See you tommorow." "Bye."

Norma heard her mom approaching the door so she rolled over and pretended to be asleep.

It worked. Her mom stood there for a few moments, and then left.

'Oh boy!' thought Norma excitedly. 'The parents are leaving and Meriel and Ella are going to stay here! Yes!' Then she had a mental celebration while her parents packed their bags.

The End

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