Meet the Murpheys!

"She'll be here any minute!" yelled Norma. Her family was making some last minute attempts to straighten up the house before Norma's new friend, Meriel, arrived.

Norma dashed over to her mother. "Did you lay Hilda and Gilbert down?" she asked.

"Not yet." replied her mother finishing adjusting the lamp.

"She'll be here soon!" whined Norma. "Hilda and Gilbert will be grouchy and mess everything up if they don't have their nap!" she exclaimed.

"Calm down, sis." said a voice from the doorway from the kitchen to the living room.  It was Dylan, Norma's brother and only older sibling. He had medium length brown hair that sometimes fell into his chocolate brown eyes which had a playful expression in them. He was 15 and had the power of fire control. He was leaning against the doorway smiling at her. 

"You know that I want to make a good impression." Norma retorted angrily. 

(Mini Author's Note: Since I didn't describe Norma and Meriel last chapter I will in this chapter. Sorry for the interuption!)

"I'll put them to bed." said Norma impatiently. She went into the playroom across the hall to find her little sister, Hilda, and her little brother, Gilbert, playing with their powers. They were twins but were opposite with powers. Hilda had the power to shrink and Gilbert had the power of growth. However, they both had blond hair that was still like peach fuzz since it still hadn't grown in. They also had blue eyes and you couldn't tell them apart from the fact that Hilda was wearing pink and Gilbery was wearing blue.

Norma took them both by the hand. "Time for bed." she said walking them into their bedroom. Norma was also like the twins, blond hair, blue eyes, not to mention that they had the same freckle spots on their noses. Except that Norma's hair was shoulder length and curly.

She put them in their beds,decorated with stuffed animals, and closed the door. She went into the kitchen to find her dad making sure that Norma and Meriel's snack were there.

"All set?" she asked hopefully.

"All set." he affirmed, nodding his head. He was also blond with blue eyes except that he had no freckles about his nose. His super power was plant control, which was why the Murphey's usually ate the healthy, 'straight from the ground', food.

Norma dashed into the living room to see if her mom and brother were ready. Her mom was curled up on the window seat reading a book that Norma couldn't make out the title. Her mom was also blond with blue eyes and had the freckles around her nose. Norma was a miniature of her mom.

Dylan was kicked back in the recliner flipping through shows. Why Dylan was different from the rest of the family, Norma didn't know. "Genetics." her parents had simply said whenever she questioned them. She couldn't see how that was, since everyone in her family was blond with blue eyes on both sides.

DING DONG! Went the doorbell. "She's here!" yelled Norma. She ran to the door and opened it slowly.

"Hi!" said Meriel. She had chin length brown hair with blue eyes and was around the same height as Norma, which was pretty obvious seeing as they were both 6.

"Hi!" said Norma excitedly. She brought Meriel through her house showing her everything and introducing her family. Then they went to eat their snack. They played outside for a while, then they went into Norma's room and played with their powers.

"Wee!" they laughed, as Norma levitated them and they bounced off the walls playfully.

They had fun until 7 o'clock when Meriel's mom came to pick her up.

"Bye." said Norma clearly dissapointed.

"See you Monday." said Meriel as her mom ushered her out the door.

The End

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