Power Chasers

'Lunch. Boring!' thought Norma Murphey. She rolled her peas around with her spork.

She felt eyes on her, so she turned her head a fraction and saw the "Bad Girls" ,as they called themselves, staring at her. They had had a grudge against her since she accidentily stepped on the ringleader, (Jenna),'s crayons.

She turned her eyes back to her lunch. Out of boredom she used her talent to entertain herself. She used her 'power' to levitate a pea slightly off her spork. Just enough so it wouldn't look to suspicious.

"Hello." said a voice. Norma looked up. The new girl was standing there holding a tray of food. She had arrived at the school that very day and seemed eager to please.  

"Hey." Norma said back. She lowered the pea slowly so that it wouldn't catch her eye.

"May I sit here?" she asked.

"Sure." said Norma putting her spork down with the pea safley on it.

"I'm Meriel." she said.

"I'm Norma." she replied totally uninterested in this conversation, thinking about going home and bouncing off the walls for awhile.

"As in the famous hero of 1845?" she whispered. Norma's head jerked up.

"H-how d-d-do you kn-know?" she stamered.

"The pea trick." she said shrugging.

"Do you have powers?" whispered Norma.

"How else would I know?" scoffed Meriel. She cautiously looked around. "I'll show you later." she whispered.

At recess Meriel took Norma on the other side of a small hill near the playground. "No telling." warned Meriel.

"Of course not." agreed Norma. She watched as Meriel transformed into a small horse.

"Wow..." gasped Norma, stroking the horse's fine hair. Meriel changed back and asked " Do you believe me now?" asked Meriel.

"Definetly." said Norma. "Say, would you want to come over tommorow and meet my family?" she asked.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Meriel. "Since it's Saturday my sister has a Teenage Girls with Powers conference." said Meriel rolling her eyes.  "My mom always goes with her because she forced her to do it, and dad works out at the gym."

"Come over after lunch. My brother and sister will be taking their nap." said Norma.

"I'll be there." said Meriel, dashing away as the bell rang. 

The End

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