2 girls run through the woods running away from the local bully. They go to one friends grandmas and their grandma tells them a fantastical story of how when she went to the school, her and her best friend went into a soccer goal and were swept away into a mystical land. When they find a way out, only she gets out.

Salaena and Jamie ran as fast as they could through the woods. They would not risk another beating from Kya. “Come on!” Salaena screamed. Jamie had fallen far behind, as she always had. Jamie was panting like she was fighting to take her last few breaths. “I can’t! You know I can’t run as fast as you, even when it’s from Kya!” Sadly Kya had heard this, for she had finally caught up with them, which was actually quite rare. “Oh, baby Jamie scared of getting a little boo-boo?” She teased. Salaena glared at her with such viciousness it made Kya step back. All of Kya’s friends had finally caught up, and Salaena noticed the look in their eyes as if they were unsure they actually wanted to beat them up. “Let’s beat it out of her, shall we?” Kya said. Everyone snickered.  The gang slowly surrounded the two best friends. Salaena attempted to fight back, letting her anger that she had stored up come out against them. Jamie curled up in a ball and hoped to deflect most of the shots. After twenty minutes of ferocious beatings, Kya and her group walked away with a wiry smile on their faces. Jamie, having her strategy work the best, scrambled to her only friend and helped her get up. “Ugh, I really wish you wouldn’t fight back. You end up getting hurt worse than you would if you just let them hit you!” She said, exhausted. “I know! But I just feel like I need to defend myself to show that I don’t just give in..” Salaena paused. “Not that just taking them isn’t bad!” She had just caught the evil look from Jamie just in time to save herself. “Come on, let’s head to my grandma’s place.”

The End

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