Chapter XXIII (Part Five) : Ena – Cooking Up A Hypothesis ☲

"I like nature," Daphne spoke softly. Ena lifted her eyes from the ground, focusing on Daphne's face which was tilted to the left, looking outside the glass pane again. She continued, "I mean, I've always been locked up in places that never felt like home; imprisoned. But when I made my escape to the forest, things just started to fall into place." With a growing smile, she added, "The first friend I made was a squirrel."

"It's true, I've seen her communicate with animals. It's amazing," Camden said, giving Daphne an encouraging smile to go on. She smiled back a little shyly. 

"I guess the forest is the first place I've ever considered home. I've never explored the world, lived anywhere else apart from an orphanage. And the first place my heart directed me towards was the forest."

"Do you think that was a coincidence?" Kai asked, smiling at Daphne to encourage her to go on.

"No. I don't. I felt connected to the Earth." She leaned back against her chair and looked down at the shoes Ena had lent her. "Except when I'm wearing these. They're uncomfortable." 

Camden smiled, unable to resist and it was the first time Ena had seen him smile like that. Even she was slightly amused but Kai brought them back to the reality of what was going on.

"What about you Camden?"

Any trace of humor wiped off his face, Camden looked almost panicked as he met Kai's gaze. "What?"

"Do you have any abilities like Daphne does?" 

He shook his head firmly. "No. I'm just a normal kid with a typical teenage life. I'm normal." 

Ena could tell that Camden was not enjoying this at all. He tensed the moment Kai started directing the questions towards him. And unlike herself, Ena somehow knew that Camden wasn't lying to cover up the truth.

His cheeks were burning red, hating the spotlight that was on him all of a sudden as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I don't know anything."

Camden meant that. He really did have no clue what was going on. And when Camden's confused blue orbs met hers, she almost pitied him. Almost. 

The End

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