Chapter XXIII (Part Four) : Ena – Cooking Up A Hypothesis ☲

"I think we should first focus on the 'how' part of you guys showing up here," Kai said, distracting the two and giving Ena one more time to decide whether or not she wanted to tell them. She shot Kai a grateful look. 

Camden twisted in his chair, clearly uncomfortable. "I don't know," he muttered. Ena could sense he was troubled by all this. Who wouldn't be? "All I can tell you guys is that we were halfway across town and within a mere moment, Daphne and I found ourselves here." 

Daphne nodded again. Though she was listening, her eyes were looking out the window, at the students walking by. Ena tore her gaze away from the peculiar young girl and decided to put something out there. 

"Are you all...different? In some way?"

Her question managed to catch the attention of everyone, even Daphne who actually turned to look at Ena with interest. 


Ena nodded quickly.

"What do you mean by 'different'?"

"Well, why don't you look it up in the dictionary Sherlock?" She glared at Camden, frustrated with how slow he was catching on though he genuinely did not seem to understand. She did, however, catch him looking at Daphne who sat quietly with her hands folded on her lap. 

"What about you Daphne? Do you...think you're different?" Ena urged, hoping to get an actual answer from someone. 

Daphne seemed indifferent. Her eyes were empty of any emotion, face blank as she looked at Ena without letting anything leak out on her face. After a minute of silence, through which everyone had been watching her, she settled with a shrug. 

"I don't know what you mean." 

Letting out her breath, Ena slumped back against her seat as she stared at the ground in annoyance. She didn't want to be straightforward, ask the obvious and probably most foolish question: Do you have powers? Ena knew that asking that one question would change everything, and she liked things just the way they were. 

The End

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