Chapter XXIII (Part Two) : Ena – Cooking Up A Hypothesis ☲

Kai smiled and squeezed her hand a little comfortingly before letting go as the two of them walked on. A mutual understanding had passed between them in that moment. Of what? Ena didn’t know but as of now, she didn’t feel as uncomfortable around Kai as she had before. But the other two…she wasn’t sure about.

They were sitting against the wall as she walked towards them with Kai by her side. She hadn’t seen them before in her life yet the moment they’d showed up, stepping out of the darkness, she had calmed down slightly as if their very presence had soothed her.

Daphne – if she remembered the name correctly – had struck her to be rather eccentric. Judging by a first look though, Ena would have assumed that the girl was just your average teenage chick. Her dark brown hair fell in waves over her shoulder, far down to her waist which complimented her short but curvy figure. Her rather light-chocolaty complexion also made Daphne look slightly Latina.

However, the moment Daphne had opened her mouth and spoken, Ena had known for sure that this girl was far from ordinary. Orphanage? Forest? Barefoot? And Ena had thought her life was a mess but after the very few details she’d heard from Daphne, now she wasn’t so sure.

“Got the shoes?” Daphne asked softly, distracting Ena from her thoughts. She nodded and handed Daphne her bag who slowly scavenged through it before taking them out and snuggling her feet into them.

“They’re okay,” she said with a smile to Ena. “A little bit big but I’ll grow into them.” Ena smiled back involuntarily and took the bag from Daphne. Now that Daphne had on some decent footwear, they all headed towards the school cafeteria, with Kai leading the way as he knew the campus best.

Ena, though a little more calm now, knew she still had a lot to worry about. Judging by the expressions on Kai and Camden’s faces, she could tell that they too wanted to get down to the bottom of this, to find a reasonable and just explanation. Daphne, however, seemed very content.

Anyone would have looked at the four of them as they entered the cool air-conditioned cafeteria, assuming they were just four normal teenagers that wanted to spend some time together. But on closer inspection, people would have noticed the sheen of sweat that covered Ena’s forehead and the anxiety on Camden’s face. Luckily enough, the cafeteria was deserted, even behind the counter. Ena guessed even the people in charge here had gone out to watch the games.

“So does anyone want to do the honors of explaining what the hell is going on here?” Camden’s tense voice rang through the air, disrupting everyone’s silent thoughts as they seated themselves down.

The End

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