Chapter XXIII : Ena – Cooking Up A Hypothesis ☲

Chapter XXIII

Ena – Cooking Up A Hypothesis

It was all happening too fast, too darn fast for Ena to make sense of anything. She still could not take the image of Cain out of her head, of what she had done to him. Everything had just escalated so quickly, from a football on fire to incinerating an actual person.

Ena shot a wary glance in Kai’s direction who was walking by her side, quietly. His lips were pressed together in concentration, as if he were deeply analyzing something in his mind. She didn’t blame him, she was doing the exact same thing. With the entrance of this ‘Camden’ and ‘Daphne’ into her life, it was just another twist in her already tangled web.

What was going on?

“Do you think we should tell someone?” Ena whispered, her voice still slightly shaky.

Kai looked at her, eyebrows slightly raised. “What could we possibly say?”

He didn’t say anything more, but his question in itself was the answer to hers. Kai was right. Soon enough, people would notice that Cain is missing but telling people about what happened would just draw unnecessary attention. It’s not like anyone would believe them anyways.

Ena looked down at her hands, her fingertips still tingling in that warm, tickly way it had been ever since she’d discovered her powers. But she was repulsed by it completely, by what she’d done. She’d killed someone. And the worst part was she knew this wasn’t the first time.

Tearing her mind away from the topic, she walked faster and headed towards the changing rooms where she’d left her bag as Kai waited outside for her. It took only a second or two and she was soon bounding out the room, with her bag slung over her shoulder.

Ena’s heart still pounded as images flew through her mind. She hadn’t been expecting a wicked curveball but she hadn’t gotten anything less but the worst kind. Before she could continue her inner monologue of doubts and worries to herself, she felt Kai slightly tug her back just as they were approaching the place she dreaded so much.

“Ena, hold on.” She looked up at him, surprised by the worry in his eyes; worry for her. “Did…did he hurt you?”

Ena slowly shook her head. “No, no he didn’t.” She forced a smile, not being used to this kind of affection from anyone let alone a guy she’d known for less than a day. “Thanks Kai. For…saving me.” From myself.


The End

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