Chapter XXII (Part Five) : Camden – Changing Atmospheres ☰

“How can you not have shoes?” Kai muttered, gaping at her.

 “I left them at the orphanage when I was making my escape so…”


“We’ll discuss it later, for now, let’s just get a move on and get the woman some decent footwear,” Camden said impatiently.

“I think I brought an extra pair of shoes. They’re in my gym bag.”

“I’ll come with you, you two wait here,” Kai said and soon Ena and Kai were both power-walking away while Camden and Daphne both just stood there in silence. Camden let out a sigh and sat down, leaning his back against the wall. Daphne looked down at him with concern.

“Are you okay?”

“I guess I am,” he murmured. Daphne sat down next to him, bringing her knees to her chest as she did so. “It just…well, Daphne, I have a question.” She turned to look at him, giving him a smile to go on. “How is it that you’re able to take this all so…well calmly? Without freaking out like I am?”

Daphne’s smile widened and she rested her head back against the wall, sighing. “Camden, my life has always been a bit of an escapade. After I left the orphanage a few days ago, things just seemed to change for the better. I discovered another side of me, I communicated with animals, I met you, and now I’m here.” She shrugged casually. “I don’t like to think things over too much, it gives me a headache.”

Camden let everything sink in, watching Daphne with growing interest on his face.

“You’re saying that you’re just going to…go-with-the-flow? Let this all just happen without questioning how absolutely ridiculous all of this is?”

She shrugged again, her lively blue eyes looking into his with happiness in them. “I’m used to wanting to take control of my life, and when I did, it led me here. I just…I have a feeling I’m on the right path.”

It was strange, hearing a sixteen year old girl talk so…maturely for her age. Though Daphne was as innocent as a child and though she still had so much more to discover of the world, to build her knowledge upon, Camden knew that Daphne was certainly phenomenal.

He only wished he could be as sure as her. Adventurous as he was, Camden couldn’t deny the queasiness that had been growing fast inside of him with time, and he certainly could not ignore the ever-constant feeling of impending doom that he felt would be part of his immediate future.



The End

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