Chapter XXII (Part Three) : Camden – Changing Atmospheres ☰

“What are your names?” Daphne suddenly asked softly, breaking the ice.

“I’m Kai,” the boy said, still sounding very unsure of himself as he cast a glance to the red-head who looked like she was going to pass out any second. “And that’s…Ena.”

“What’s going on?” Camden’s voice was tensed, and he didn’t mean for himself to sound so harsh yet the abnormality of the circumstances he was not stuck in forced him to be so.

“I don’t know,” Ena muttered, exchanging a glance with Kai.

“Did something happen here?” Camden asked, his voice rising as if demanding answers.

“Camden, calm down,” Daphne said, giving him a small smile. But how could he? Here he was, far from home surrounded by three teenagers he barely knew. It was impossible, just humanly impossible for him to have arrived at a place all the way across town in a split second.

Daphne was being relaxed, way too relaxed but from the few conversations he’d had with her, he knew that she couldn’t differentiate between normal and out of the ordinary. And this was far beyond the line.

Camden took a step back, looking around at his surroundings as if expecting to be transported somewhere else the next second. He could feel three pairs of eyes on him as panic started to settle in, his stomach lurching unpleasantly.

“This is just insane,” he muttered to himself but Daphne was close enough to hear him. He looked at her, met her worried gaze and instantly felt guilty at the thought of her panicking because of him as well. Forcing himself to calm down for her sake, he looked at Kai and asked, “So you heard it too? The voice? Her voice?”

Ena’s eyes narrowed at Camden, finding the will to speak up. She said, coldly, “It’s not like I was broadcasting it. I didn’t even shout. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do,” Daphne said softly, still smiling a little. “It’s written all over your face.”

Ena looked like she was going to snap something back at Daphne but Kai interrupted her before she could. “Listen, all of you. Whatever’s going on here, it’s pretty obvious that none of us have a clue about. So let’s just calm down,” he shot a meaningful gaze at Camden, “and try to figure it out.”

Daphne nodded in silent agreement, looking over at Camden to check if he was alright with Kai’s proposal. Camden was still processing everything that was happened but gave Kai a sore nod; he had no other choice after all.

The End

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