Chapter XXII (Part Two) : Camden – Changing Atmospheres ☰

The boy looked at them, eyebrows slightly raising in suspicion. “A calling?” Camden saw realization sink deep into the features of the young man. “You heard it too?”

The girl stood up slowly, leaning against the wall for support as if she’d been drained of her very energy. She looked confused but she didn’t say anything. This, however, didn’t hold Daphne back from going on who sounded very sure of herself.

“You cried for help. Camden and I heard it in our minds, and I think that’s how we got here.”

It all felt like a dream. It had to be.

“How you got here?” The girl finally spoke, her voice fragile as her green eyes widened in fear. “Got here how? Where are you coming from?”

Daphne didn’t say anything, turning to face Camden as if she expected him to know the exact name of the location they’d been at. Camden couldn’t think, as questions popped up in his mind. The names of different streets and avenues crossed his train of thoughts, but none clicked.

So instead, he decided to just say what Daphne already knew. “The woods.”

Silence filled the space between them as Camden’s words floated in the air with no real meaning, until comprehension finally spread across the other boy’s face.

“You mean the forest?” His eyebrows lifted high as another look of disbelief hit his face. “The one in the country, in the suburbs?”

 Camden nodded sorely.

“B-but, that’s impossible. It’s all the way across town.”

A silence settled among all of them. Camden couldn’t focus as he felt his heart pound unevenly inside his chest. He didn’t believe in magic but he’d began to question the very ground rules of science the moment he’d met Daphne. Could it be possible that magic really did exist, that he was caught up in some kind of supernatural tussle?

The End

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