Chapter XXII : Camden – Changing Atmospheres ☰

Chapter XXII

Camden – Changing Atmospheres

Camden had always wanted to experience an adventure in his majorly normal life. But he had, at this moment, not the faintest clue of what was going on. He also wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

From being in the woods with his new friend, he’d now suddenly transformed to being part of a rather gloomy scene that he had no stake in. Camden didn’t know the two new faces he was encountering; he’d never seen them before. Yet as Daphne’s voice, softly called out into the darkness to catch their attention, he felt a sense of familiarity sinking in.

The girl’s head snapped to their direction, eyes filled with misery and cheeks stained with now dry tears. The boy with the dirty blonde hair, on the other hand, seemed to be in a state of shock and the presence of Daphne and Camden didn’t seem to register in his mind as he stared blankly at them.

Camden could tell that something was terribly wrong, that something had happened just now. Daphne and himself were rudely interrupting the aftermath of what had gone down, but he was sure as hell, that he was getting himself into trouble.

“What…what is this place?” Daphne had let go of his hand, stepping forward and closer to the other two.

“Who are you?” The red head’s voice cracked, sounding weak but it was understandable. Camden decided to take the reins on this, stepping forward boldly.

“I’m Camden. And this is my friend Daphne. We just…uh…”

How exactly was he to explain where they were from? How they had just suddenly popped out of thin air into this…’strange land’.

“We were wondering if you were calling for us.”

Camden’s head shot to his right, staring at Daphne incredulously. She was too blunt, and he was sure that the girl and the boy whose names he still didn’t know would be taken aback. Yet, for some strange reason they didn’t find what Daphne had just said too odd. 

The End

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