Chapter XXI (Part Six) : Daphne – Running With Nature

It was like a distant call, faint at first but it grew louder inside her mind. A cry for help from what sounded like a slightly familiar voice. She stopped eating, dropping the food in her hands and met Camden’s worried gaze. She could tell just by that one look she’d exchanged with him, that he had heard it too.

“What was that?” He gasped, his blue eyes meeting her confused ones.

“I don’t know.” Daphne paused, as if expecting to hear it again. The shrill cry of a troubled girl. But this time, she had braced herself for the scream that tore through her very mind, shattering her senses.


The two of them got up to their feet at the same time, both of them clutching their heads as if suffering from a terrible migraine that just wouldn’t give them a break. And it felt like exactly that, only a hundred times worse.

Daphne could feel the pounding of her head growing, bigger and bigger until she couldn’t contain the pain. Her eyes flickered to meet Camden’s and he looked just as troubled. Her hand brushed across his sweaty one, and upon instinct held it tight as she squeezed her eyes shut, digging her feet into the grass, hoping for release.

Within what just felt like a second, relief flooded into her. An empty silence filled her mind and the cry of the girl was now but a mere echo in her memory. It was as if nothing had ever happened. But that was also the moment, that moment of pure quiet that Daphne sensed something different.

Opening her eyes slowly, she looked down at the ground. The grass she’d been standing upon only a second ago was replaced with tarmac. A roughness she hadn’t been used to grazed against her feet, unpleasant yet real.

Her heart pounded fast and she realized she wasn’t alone in this unfamiliar place. Daphne’s hand was still tightly clutched in Camden’s and he seemed to be inspecting the area with just as much doubt as she was.

The two of them were standing in an alley, with walls on either side of them that consumed their shadows in mass darkness.

How in the world had they gotten here?

All Daphne could make sense of was the fact that this was very much real. And that’s when the two of them heard silent whimpers, not far from where they were. Without question, the two of them walked deeper into the shadows and were soon met by the very sight of something that caused a shiver to run down Daphne’s spine.

A girl, her body rocking against the wall as she had her face tucked into her knees, and just a few feet away from her stood a boy who stared down at the ground disbelievingly. Daphne hadn’t captured the full picture yet, hadn’t smelt the burnt odor that hung in the air.

But she knew, deep within her, that she was meant to be here. Nothing in her life had been a coincidence, and this certainly was not an exception.


The End

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