Chapter XXI (Part Five) : Daphne – Running With Nature ☷

Daphne paused in the midst of her picking at the grass, looking up to meet Camden’s gaze with somewhat of an amused one of her own. “You think I’m supernatural because of that?”

An unsure expression crossed Camden’s face. Maybe it was the way the tone with which she’d asked him that question, so blind and innocent to the pure abnormality of her actions that made him uncertain of his question. But quickly, he answered, “Yes, I do.”

Daphne smiled, and replied simply, “I’m just me.”

And that was it. Daphne had made it clear that that would be all she'd say on the subject. She didn't know what more to add to it anyways. Was she supernatural? She didn't know. As far as she was concerned, she was herself. If that meant being considered different among others, why should she care? 

Before she could answer her own question, she heard it.  

The End

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