Chapter XXI (Part Four) : Daphne – Running With Nature ☷

“What is it?” Her hand slapped down hard on his, and he tried not to wince.

 “If you’re quiet, you just might hear a howl in the far off distance,” he said in a hushed whisper, completely enjoying the tease.

 “Really?” Daphne squeaked.

 “Of course not silly!” Camden threw his head back and laughed, his eyes twinkling as the moonlight hit them. “I was only joking with you!”

Daphne glared at him, positively scared by the very idea of all that Camden had said. “You’re mean!” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest before turning to face the opposite direction.

Camden, still grinning, decided not to anger her and apologized instantly, “I’m sorry.”

“You’re forgiven,” she muttered, and turned around to face her with a smile. “But why did you ask?”

Camden chewed on the inside of his cheek unsurely. But Daphne prodded him, wanting to know. “I…I wanted to ask you if, well, you are supernatural.”

“Why would you think that?” She asked casually, not taking any offense at all.

“You communicate with animals Daph, in a very different way than most people do. And you were able to bring me back to my house without never having been there. Aren’t those reasons enough to think so?”

The End

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