Chapter XXI (Part Three) : Daphne – Running With Nature ☷


 “Fhmm?” She mumbled, through a mouthful she’d taken of chocolate muffin. Camden smiled and asked, “Have you ever thought about…you know, supernatural stuff?”

 She swallowed slowly, trying not to choke in the attempt to answer his question but resulted in asking a doubt of her own. “What do you mean?”

 “Supernatural as in…out of this world, not humanly possible. Things like vampires and werewolves and Wicca and all that.”

 Chewing thoughtfully, Daphne shook her head slowly, taking her last swallow of her chocolate muffin. “No, I don’t think so.  I mean…if vampires were real, we’d be dead right now don’t you think?”

 “I’m not saying they are but-”

 “And werewolves come out when it’s the full moon,” she added, looking up at the sky, her eyebrows mashed together in deep thinking. “And, it looks like a full moon tonight, besides the small clouds. I don’t think they count though, you can look right through them.”

 Camden stifled a grin at how serious Daphne looked as she explained to him.

 “And if werewolves are real, one of them should have attacked us by now.” Then suddenly startled at the idea of it, she jumped onto her feet, looking around with wide eyes. “You don’t think they’re going to, do you?”

 “Of course not!” Camden laughed, pulling her back down. Yet, Daphne slowly inched closer to Camden as her sapphire-blue eyes continued to dart about warily.

 “I still think we should be careful,” she whispered, staring into Camden’s eyes with a hint of mystery though she was being completely serious. “Yes, yes we should,” he whispered back, playing along. “Ssshh!”

The End

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