Chapter XXI (Part Two) : Daphne – Running With Nature ☷

Daphne then felt something to confirm her thoughts; she could feel steps of someone approaching against the Earth, like silent tremors to convey the movement on the Earth. Looking towards the direction where she’d sensed it from, her eyes met Camden as he appeared through two thick shrubs with a smile on his face…and food in his hands.

The only thing that she could find ever unnatural was the sudden hunger that washed over her just by looking at the sandwich in the plastic bag and the chocolate muffin in his other hand. Though such a thing as ‘manners’ existed, Daphne had never learnt them and didn’t manage to hide the expression from leaking onto her face. 

Camden, nevertheless, smiled warmly at her before handing her first, the sandwich. “I thought you’d be hungry, even after your little friends raided my family kitchen.” 

“They what?!” Daphne’s mouth fell open. If only she’d known…well, she would have been too satisfied by the food then to even care. Shrugging mentally, she decided not to trouble herself too much over it and dug in.

 Camden watched Daphne, the two of them seated on the soft grass of the enclosure. The sun was now completely out of view, the milky moon floating above surrounded by groups of misty clouds. It was a beautiful night. And to Daphne, it was even greater now that she had a friend.

The End

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