Chapter XXI : Daphne – Running With Nature ☷

Chapter XXI

Daphne – Running With Nature

The wind whistled softly as evening slowly started to dawn upon the day. Daphne shivered slightly, wrapping her arms around herself in hopes of creating some warmth. She’d been waiting for Camden for quite a while, and even though she’d told him she had no sense of time, it didn’t necessarily mean she’d enjoy standing in the same place for more than just a few minutes. 

Sighing, she decided to stop whining in her head and leaned back against one of the trees which immediately cheered her up a little. Even though it was quite unlikely, Daphne couldn’t help but feel that she was connected to the Earth. Like she and the Earth were one. It, of course, was an easier explanation to believe in, rather than thinking that it was all just a simple “coincidence." 

Daphne didn’t believe in coincidences. Not anymore. Since she was a child, she’d been brought up into thinking that every thing happened for a reason. After all, no parent would abandon their child unless they had a very good reason to do so. And she wouldn’t have dedicated almost all her life so far, trying to escape from each and every orphanage she was placed into if the reason for it all was a mere “coincidence”. 

It was not by chance that Daphne had been found on the doorstep of an orphanage. Nor was it by chance that she felt such a deep bond with Earth. It was all real; it had to be. She would not question the odds of it all, it would only be a waste.

The End

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