Chapter XX (Part Six) : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

It was pure silence that followed them. Ena’s sobs had become quiet and self-controlled, though she still shook as she rested her face against her tucked-in knees like a ball. Kai, on the other hand, stood still and disbelievingly stared at the place where only a second ago, a living but greatly tortured Cain had been.

 How had it come to this?

 Slumping back against the wall, he slowly slithered down to the floor before staring blankly at the wall opposite him which supported Ena. The world seemed so quiet then, as if it was mourning as well, as if to preserve the memory and engrave it into their souls in the most meaningful way possible.

 But the moment was ruined by a soft and timid voice, calling out from the darkness. “Ex-excuse me.”

The End

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