Chapter XX (Part Five) : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

His body forced himself to action, his legs bounding hard against the surface of the rough road to Ena who was rocking herself back and forth, her hands covering her ears as tears streamed down in furious waves down her face. 

“Make it stop!” 

Kai came to a skidding stop in front of the scene. At first, he could not believe his eyes: Cain was on fire. But it was as if he was burning from inside-out. His skin was now breaking out with boils that swelled by the second, from deep red to a sickly purple before bursting, resulting in holes. 

It was inhumane; supernatural. But it was happening. 

His eyes fought to tear itself off of Cain whose screams were empty and hollow. His mouth opened, wide and terrified but no sounds came. Kai’s gaze flickered to Ena who had now shut her eyes and was violently writhing against the wall. She, too, was a furious shade of red, her skin tone scarlet as her hair. 

It was then that it came crashing down on Kai. Ena had done this. She had set the ball on fire in the game. And she had set Cain on fire as well. And there was nothing that Kai could to do stop it. 

He felt helpless as he bent down, his hands making its way to rest on her shoulders and shake her slightly. “Ena, you have got to stop,” he whispered, trying to sound as calm as possible. 

“I can’t,” she gasped amidst sobs, refusing to open her eyes in fear of seeing what she’d started. “I tried, but I don’t know how!”

Helpless and torn, his grip loosened on Ena as he searched around for a water bottle or anything that held possibilities of the one way in which he hoped to save Cain. But it was impossible, at this stage, for Kai to attempt at doing anything.

 When he turned back to face Cain, Kai knew there was no chance to help his former enemy. Because now, Cain was shaking tremendously as his skin turned a violent purple. Cain opened his mouth, as if to say something before finally incinerating completely.

The End

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