Chapter XX (Part Four) : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

Jerking his hand forward violently to grab the collar of the boy’s shirt, he dragged him forward till his face was almost nearly touching Kai’s nose. “Tell me you-” 

“Down the path, there!” The boy pointed backwards as fast as he could, at a small gap between two closely placed buildings. “Just let me go!” 

Without a minute to waste, Kai loosened his hold on the boy (who being much shorter than him fell to the floor with a groan). He ran over to the small niche that the boy had just pointed out to him, and that’s when he saw something. It was barely visible though, by the darkness that fell upon the pathway in between the two tall and large buildings. 

Red and dangerous. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was that…fire? 

Kai stood, transfixed for a moment because there was someone else next to the fire. And they weren’t doing anything about it. Squinting, he took one small step closer before freezing. It was Ena. 

What the-

 One moment, she was leant back against the wall, her legs crossed in front of her. The next second, she let out an earth-shattering scream, identical to the one Kai had just heard a minute ago.


The End

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