Chapter XX (Part Three) : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

It was then that Kai heard it. Loud and startlingly sharp that it made Kai clutch his head tightly in pain. Help! It was an ear-splitting shriek that reverberated through his mind like a strong echo that never failed to die out completely.  

What was that?

Looking around frantically, he searched for anyone, a girl who might have screamed that. But no one was there. Maybe, it had just been his imagination. Yet Kai couldn’t deny the ringing in his ears, and the sudden fear that started to mount inside of him. Where it had come from – he had no idea. But it was there, growing fast and uncontrollably. 

Then, as quickly as it had started: those emotions came to a sudden stop. It left Kai gripping onto the experience as if it were just a memory, hazy and unclear. But before he could start to question his sanity, he heard a voice muttering; a voice that sounded familiar. 

“I should’ve done something…she needs help and I…poor girl. Freaking selfish, Cain is.” 

Cain? Wasn’t that the name of the boy who had been picking on Ena? One of the boys who he’d “brought to justice”? 

Turning around in his tracks, Kai came face-to-face with his previous enemy who skidded to a stop when seeing Kai. 

“Not you.” 

“What were you saying?” Kai asked, ignoring the boy’s comment. 

“Nothing,” he replied, looking around sheepishly as he folded his hands together, wincing as his bruised skin brushed against the other. 

“The girl. Which girl? What’s this Cain doing to her?” Kai’s voice grew impatient, as worry started to cloud within him. But the boy remained silent. It was then that Kai completely lost it.

The End

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