Chapter XX (Part Two) : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

If only she didn’t hate him so much, not like she had any decent reason to. All Kai had done so far had been polite, and rather nice to her. Didn’t returning her chain and protecting her from roguish guys count as friendly? Then why did she avoid him at all costs?

Deciding not to bother himself too much about it, he slipped his hands into his pockets before walking back in the direction of the field before stopping mid-way. The games had already finished, there was no point now but to go back to the buses where they would be preparing the students to return back to their respective schools. 

Walking slowly back to the car park, Kai was lost in his thoughts of all that had recently unfolded in his life. The sensible side of him still could not believe the fact that he had some cool power of controlling the element of water. As absurd as that sounded to him, even now, it made him want more; more than just the simple desire to learn more, but actually putting it into action. 

If this all wasn’t just some dream he would soon wake up from…why waste his time?

The End

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