Chapter XX : Kai – Torrents of Danger ☵

Chapter XX

Kai - Torrents of Danger

Kai let out a sigh as he watched Ena walk away, slightly angered by the way she had answered him when he’d just saved her from those thugs. Apparently, they hadn’t learned their lesson. Thinking back to minutes prior to his little encounter with Ena, he smiled.

He’d been able to manipulate the water to form ice. And it hurt, feeling the particles come together on the surface of his palm almost instantaneously, but the result was completely worth the pain. A long but thick whip of ice had been formed with a rather sharp end meant to be used as a weapon.

Luckily enough, the two meant to be on the receiving ends of his special treatment hadn’t seen his creation. And Kai, as tempted as he felt to experiment his design, let them go. It was immoral of him to even imagine using such methods to ‘bring justice’. Since when had it been his job to do so?

Instead, he’d crouched down and said, “Got enough of me already?” Without another word, the two got to their feet and ran for it…to only meet him again when they’d been harassing Ena. What a small world.

The End

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