Chapter IXX (Part Fourteen) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

"I'm sorry," he rasped. Each syllable was forced as pain wracked through his body. It was no longer just the flames that were on him...but it was like Cain's blood was literally on fire.

"You're sorry?" Ena whispered, balancing her posture on the balls of her feet as she rocked back and forth with a growing smile on her face. It was twisted, but she felt insanely happy.

"Sorry doesn't cover what you almost just did to me Cain."

"Please...make it stop."

Ena watched with delight, sitting back down cross-legged on the floor,the way a child would when watching its favorite television show. A part of her was sickened by how she was using her power, but it was as if her emotions had taken complete control over her, and her ability.

"I'm sorry but I can't."

Cain let out an ear-shattering scream but it was like music to Ena. She leaned back against the hard wall, ignoring the light prick of her now bruised skin and crossed her arms over her chest, watching him.

His skin was now a bright, inhuman red. And that's when Ena snapped back to herself. Alongside Cain's screams of pain, she heard two others. Her parents.

The End

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