Chapter IXX (Part Twelve) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

Her thought was answered when she felt him tug her tank top upwards, his hand making cold contact against her bare skin. She tried pushing him away with her hands but he immediately used the hand that covered her mouth to pin one of her hands above her.

Pressing his lips forcefully down on hers, he kissed her, giving her no choice to escape. Ena didn’t stifle her scream this time but it was to no avail. Her heart pounded against her chest as tears started to flow down her cheeks.

This can’t be happening.

Then why was it?

Help! Her mind screamed, loud and startlingly clear that it caused her to feel like a tear in her mind had been created. But Ena knew she won’t be getting any. And that’s what fuelled the boiling.

She felt it. Something boiling within her, the sensation from before.It was back.

Her eyes flew open, startled yet somehow comforted at the idea of the image that unfolded in her head. She could use her power, her ability to make this stop. Without thinking, she did the one thing she could possibly think of amidst the chaos. She shut her eyes tightly as tears escaped the edges. And she gave herself to the fire within her.

The End

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