Chapter IXX (Part Eleven) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

"Shut up," he hissed. Her screams died inside of her throat as she looked fearfully into his dark eyes. The shorter one of the pair stood behind his friend, looking at Ena with somewhat of a guilty expression.

"Cain, we shouldn't be-"

"Then you go," Cain spat over his shoulder at his friend who silenced himself immediately. "If you're too cowardly to do anything-"

"Picking on kids is alright. And last time, when she bumped into us we gave her a little fright. But doing this-"

Looking sharply over his shoulder at his accomplice, Cain glared. "Now isn't the time to talk. Just leave if you want to kid."

Without another word, he stepped back and started walking away fast, muttering words under his breath.

"And not a word of this to anyone!" Cain yelled before turning back to look down at Ena with a smirk on his face. But this wasn't the kind that she'd seen before from Kai, that had her heart racing in fury. This sent a chill down her spine, her nerves on end as she felt fear cloud within her chest.

"Not feeling so brave now, are you?"

She dared not to blink, afraid that if she did he might do something within that millisecond she would lose of sight; something bad. But Ena knew that would happen inevitably with the way he was looking down at her. She felt his other hand snake down to her waist, to the edge of her top.

Was he really going to...

The End

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