Chapter IXX (Part Nine) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

Her blood continued to boil furiously within her, even as she paced back and forth along the length of the school garden attempting to calm herself. Why...why did boys have to be so...infuriating?

She grit her teeth hard and stopped pacing, grinding her foot hard against the ground. What was it about Kai that made her feel on edge every time she saw him? Was it the fear that maybe he knew about her power? wasn't a power. It was a curse.

But rephrasing that in her mind made no difference to the fear she felt mounting inside of her.

If Kai knew that she had the twisted ability to control fire, it made her fear a person for the first time in her life like she never had before. Not only was it somewhat of a humiliation for her...but she didn't want to be a freak. She never had whether she liked to admit it or not.

And being some 'Master of Flames' would only fulfill that dreaded thought.

Sighing, she relaxed her arms, letting them fall loosely to her sides as she walked back to the car park. It was then that her previously unwelcome strangers decided to make an entrance once again.

The End

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