Chapter IXX (Part Seven) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

She walked faster, blending into the shadows of the dark and narrow alleyway. Ena had no real idea of where she was going. She had no navigation or sense of direction in this school but she just wanted to get away from those boys. Not only did they seem to hate her, but she had the feeling they were after her.

Rounding the corner, she ran straight into someone else but this time she didn't fall to the ground, instead stumbling back in irritation. Looking up, she met the warm depths of Kai's gaze on her, flickering shortly behind when he saw the boys.

Something passed across his face. Anger? Or was it a threat? But that was one thing enough to make the two bullies afraid. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed them back off slowly. The tall one muttered something inaudible to the other who nodded in agreement before walking out on the scene.

Now what should Ena do about this punk?

"Will I be getting a thank you?"

The End

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