Chapter IXX (Part Four) : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

She really didn't know where she was going. Far away from the bleachers and now pacing along the sidewalk, Ena wrapped her arms around her, looking around at the fellow students that passed her with a hostility she hated to possess. They stayed away from her, which was for their own good and she liked things to be this way.

Yet deep inside, Ena longed for a friend. She had a dream of having one - someone who would understand her and not judge her for her actions. Someone she could tell her secrets to, including the one about her having the ability over fire. Ena knew, though, that people in this society would only see her as some sort of a witch. And she really didn't need to deal with that stress now.

Turning around the corner, she collided with two boys who came running at a speed as if their lives depended on it. Without even a chance of staying on her feet, she fell to the ground, her head making hard contact against the sidewalk.

Pain streaked through her scalp and she timidly reached back with her hand, fearing to touch it incase it might only pain more. But thankfully, all Ena had was a fast-growing bruise. No blood.

Looking up at the two boys, she glared at them with the highest level of hatred she could muster up in that second.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

The End

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