Chapter IXX : Ena - Burning Hell ☲

Chapter IXX

Ena - Burning Hell


He's gone! He's gone!

A wave of relief washed over Ena as she searched the field with her keen green eyes for the one boy she'd been hoping would leave. And he had. A childish delight ran through her as she clapped her hands together, relaxing for the first time as she leaned back against her seat.

Ena had been sitting on edge, waiting for Kai to disappear. He was the first person who'd looked right through her. He was the first that wasn't completely terrified with the idea of approaching a girl whose looks were rumoured to kill.

Though Ena was said to be something of a mood-killer and certainly established an outcast, even the students in the other schools knew to stay away. Then why had Kai been the one to go and say something along the lines of being drawn to her, which she'd found quite intriguing.

The End

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