Chapter XVIII (Part Five) : Camden - Strange Abilities ☰

Camden didn't say anything, not sure how to respond.

"It's just that here I am with no family at all and I meet someone who has two whole ones that love him so much. Yet that person doesn't seem to be completely happy with what he has..." Daphne eased the last part in, giving Camden a clue as to what she really thought. He caught it.

"It's not that I'm unhappy," Camden said, feeling uneasy as he tried to defend himself. How would he explain it to a girl who's been through much more (actually much less technically speaking) than he has family-wise.

Sensing his feelings, Daphne said, "Go ahead. I won't judge you."

Hesitant, Camden spoke slowly. "It's just that...well...I do have two families now but that was a cause of one tearing apart. Everytime I see my dad, I feel so horrible and regret my step-father for ever having come into my life. Maybe he makes my mom happy but that was at the cost of my father's joy."

Daphne nodded then timidly reached out and patted Camden on his arm. "I understand..."

Camden looked at her, smiling slightly. No one could ever understand unless the lived the experience for themself but Daphne somehow managed to say it so convincingly, like she really did mean it. It calmed Camden down.

The End

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