Chapter XVIII (Part Three) : Camden - Strange Abilities ☰

"Well, I have one sister - Claira."


"Yes," Camden said, smiling to himself. "She's fourteen and a real pain."

"How old are you then?" Daphne asked, turning around to wait for Camden to catch up to her.

"Seventeen years old. What about you?"

"Sixteen," Daphne answered, then waved it aside. "Enough about me, go on about your family."

Smile widening at her persistence, Camden continued, "Well my parents are divorced. Claira and I live with my dad. The reason why we're even here today is to visit my mom who lives with her family."

Looking a little unsure and afraid, Daphne paused, stopping their walk momentarily as she looked up at Camden. "I have a question," she said nervously.

Giving her a reassuring smile, Camden nodded at her.

" 'Divorced' means...what exactly?"

The End

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