Chapter XVIII (Part Two) : Camden - Strange Abilities ☰

Shaking his mind off of those thoughts, Camden tried to come up with something intelligent to talk about. But Daphne beat him to it.

"So how's it like? Having a family, I mean."

Daphne looked over her shoulder, a smile on her lips as she watched Camden with something of a yearning on her face. She'd never had one, so it was only natural of her to ask.

Camden didn't know where to start though. He'd always thought that his family life was messed up but after meeting Daphne who had no one, he knew better than to pull out the card that would make him look ungrateful.

Instead, Camden smiled back, holding back a branch that stood in his way as he attempted an answer. "It's great, I guess, to have a family who can take care of you."

Daphne nodded, dodging a potential trip by skipping over a thick root. She mumbled something barely audible but Camden managed to catch her words.

"Can you tell me about yours?"

Her voice feigned one of uninterest in actually hearing what Camden had to say but the look written across her face was a contradiction to that.

The End

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