Chapter XVIII : Camden - Strange Abilities ☰

Chapter XVIII

Camden - Strange Abilities

Questions swarmed around in Camden's mind like a pack of thirsty bees trapped in a jar, urgent to release themselves out of their little hole. He was dying to know the real truth behind how Daphne knew exactly where his house is located.

The moment she'd turned her back on him and left him to go home, he'd quickly raced through the forest and was surprised greatly when he saw his house. She'd told him that it'd be there but he hadn't expected it to be true. That urged him to go back and welcome her in, though he knew that his family w0uld have a lot of questions for him. Especially Claira.

As the two of them walked on, with Daphne yet again leading the way, Camden couldn't help but ponder over the events of the day. He'd arrived at his house, expecting it to be like any other visit to his mother's. But that sudden drawing of his desires towards the forest, towards Daphne, had him questioning his sanity.

The End

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