Chapter XVII (Part Eight) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

She shouted loudly, catching Camden by surprise. Recomposing herself, Daphne smiled timidly at him and this time, spoke in a more quiet tone. "I would love to."

Camden's eyes lit up at hearing her reply. The grin returned to his face and he gestured back in the direction of his house, then paused.

"It is this way, right?"

Daphne laughed and nodded, stepping out in front of him. What an odd predicament it must be for Camden: a stranger showing him the way back home. But the fact that Camden trusted what Daphne said kept her mood bright.

As they walked on, retracing their steps through the forest, a comfortable silence eased its way in between them. The constant crunch of the dry and a warm summer breeze as it howled softly through the tree was all that could be heard in the pindrop silence the two held.

Daphne was patient; she didn't want to be the first to break the ice. Camden seemed to be awfully quiet though, and she knew that she wasn't one to judge his behaviour or anyone else's for that fact. Daphne probably broke the record for being the teenage her age who had the least social interaction with society.

But even though she didn't know Camden very well, she could tell that he was one of those people who were generally talkative and outgoing.

The non-conversational atmosphere bothered Daphne slightly. But she could wait.

The End

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