Chapter XVII (Part Seven) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

Was it happiness that flooded in first? Or shock?

Daphne's emotions bordered on the verge of delight and genuine surprise. She didn't know what to make of Camden's sudden comeback. Frankly, she didn't even know how to answer him as she pursed her lips tightly, wracking her brain for a smart reply.

What do I know about chivalry in the first place?

It's not like Daphne had experienced the slightest bit of that from any guy in her life. But that unwavering smile on his lips and playful lights in his eyes convinced her to go with Camden's proposition.

A meal? It sounded great. But was she really ready to venture into an actual house and meet his family. The idea was a little daunting and she was surprised that she'd gone through with helping him in the first place.

The doubt flickered across her face, causing Camden to be unsure of what to do. Slowly letting go of her wrist, he said, " don't want to?"


The End

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