Chapter XVII (Part Six) : Daphne - A Natural Tracker ☷

Camden glanced over his shoulder at his new friend one last time. His face reflected uncertainty...and guilt. But he was met by the sight of thin air. Daphne was no longer there.

Shrinking back into the roots of the forest, Daphne's mind replayed the events of the day.

Woke up, had human treats, met a group of furry and cute animals who presented me a gift, met a boy, and said goodbye.

When had it gotten so complicated?

Groaning inwardly, she took her time, walking back to the place she remembered seeing her squirrel friends at. It was the sudden rustling and footsteps behind her that caught her attention.

Before Daphne could even turn around, she felt a hand curl around her wrist and lightly tug her back. Surprised, she looked over her shoulder, falling into the brilliant blue depths of his eyes.

Camden had a smile on his face and seemed to be shaking his head to himself as he said, "It's not very gallant of me to go without inviting the lady in for a meal, is it?"

The End

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